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Julie Coudoux Massaging a Client

We provide 4 types of massage

- Relaxation: perfect when you want to unwind or deal with a stressful time.

- Hot Stone: the nice and earthy weight of hot stones are used to a tailored session that can be either relaxation or BodyWork.

- BodyWork: it aligns well with athletes or people who need a body tune up.

- Chronic Pain Massage: specifically designed to address pains that have been hard to manage.

Philippe Coudoux Doing Chronic Pain Coaching Online

A holistic approach to well-being; from life and health goals to strategies for chronic pain.

Using evidence-based principles, the focus is on reaching your goals, helping you achieve progress by addressing the complexity of mind, body, emotions, and our relationships with others.

Benefits from our sessions can be complemented with massage and/or guided Tibetan bowl meditation.

I work with a limited number of clients, dedicating the necessary attention to each

Couple Learning On a Massage Workshop At Balanced Body

We provide hands-on training to teach safe and delightful massage techniques that you can use with your loved ones.

We offer 2 types of workshops:

-Introductory: encompasses hands-on instruction and information about the biomechanics involved in administering massages.

-Advanced: Extends to include hands-on instruction in deep tissue and pain management massage techniques.

People Lying While Meditating Through Philippe's Tibetan Bowl

Are you experiencing stress, anxiety and/ or are feeling overwhelmed?

Then, this meditation is for you.

This is two part meditation:

1. A practical guided meditation to focus on a specific intention.

2. The Tibetan Bowl sound bath when you will find an inner calm to meditate.

This is an individual session. For group  please contact us.

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The purpose of our retreats is to create a personalized experience that helps people embrace our holistic approach. 

Over a few days, you will be surrounded by like-minded individuals, where we will explore and apply practical strategies to cope with chronic pain (such as physical discomfort, emotional stress, anxiety, and more).

This experience is designed as a safe space away from home.

Once you return, you will have gained enough practice and experience to continue making the necessary changes we have worked on together.

We believe that guidance and personal growth are powerful tools that can bring about meaningful change when utilized effectively.

Our Happy Clients!


Julie is the best massage therapist on the planet!! I’ve had massages on a regular basis for 30 years and Julie is hands down my favorite therapist of all time.



Cardiff, CA


My journey through chronic pain (emotional and physical) has been long and tedious. Philippe was able to help me change. From the way I was thinking to the way I was moving.



Carlsbad, CA


When Philippe stroked the Tibetan bowl, my mind calmed down right away. I was simply following the sound. This was the only presence in my mind at that time.



Encinitas, CA


Portrait Of Philippe Coudoux Of Balanced Body Massage
Philippe Coudoux, HHP, NLP

Massage, Meditation
Chronic Pain Coaching

Philippe's primary objective is to assist individuals in managing pain using a combination of hands-on therapy, self-care strategies, body awareness, and mindfulness techniques.

Having extensively studied both Western and Eastern methodologies, Philippe brings a holistic approach to his practice. His key therapeutic tools include Integrative Massage, Myofascial Release, Structural Integration (informed by Rolfing principles), Orthopedic Massage, Postural Integration, and Practical Meditation.

These diverse healing modalities are particularly beneficial for individuals with conditions such as Lordosis, Scoliosis, Kyphosis, Lower Back Pain, Neck Pain, Degenerative Disc Disease, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Drawing on his personal experience of self-care and rehabilitation following various injuries (including strains, sprains, a knee injury, and a serious back injury which led to chronic pain), Philippe undertook training in Orthopedic and Structural Massage, Bodywork and Pain Neuro-Education.

Further enhancing his holistic approach, Philippe is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner, a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, and a Chronic Pain Coach.

Portrait Of Julie Coudoux of Balanced Body Massage
Julie Coudoux, CMP

Massage Workshop For Couples

Julie brings over 18 years of experience in delivering therapeutic Integrative Massage treatments to her clients.

With a profound understanding of Deep Tissue Techniques, Swedish Massage, and Myofascial Release, her massage sessions create an atmosphere of significant openness and relaxation, offering deep therapeutic benefits.

Every massage session Julie offers is customized to align with the specific needs of her clients.

Additionally, Julie offers a Couples' Workshop, where she provides hands-on training to teach safe and delightful massage techniques that you can use with your loved ones.

The Introductory workshop:

a 4-hour session priced at $480, encompasses hands-on instruction and information about the biomechanics involved in administering massages.

The Advanced workshop:

also a 4-hour session priced at $480, extends to include hands-on instruction in deep tissue and pain management massage techniques.


Balanced Body Holistic Solutions is a family-owned and operated holistic health center, boasting over three decades of combined experience.

We’ve supported thousands of clients battling chronic pain, stress, and anxiety, providing comfort in the serene environment of our Encinitas studio.

Our center provides five comprehensive holistic services: (1) Wellness Massage, Bodywork, Chronic Pain Massage, and Massage Workshop for Couples; (2) Tibetan Bowl Meditation designed for individuals suffering from stress and anxiety; (3) Chronic Pain Coaching for those enduring pain for more than two to three months; and (4) Chronic Pain Retreat aimed at facilitating practical, meaningful changes.

Irrespective of whether you approach us due to chronic pain, stress, anxiety, or simply to maintain your wellness journey, we provide a customized experience tailored to your needs.

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Philippe Coudoux Doing Bodywork on a Client