Learn How To Manage Chronic Pain
At Your Own Pace


Classes for people who want to go from pain to movement BY THEMSELVES

Holistic Health is about health ownership. 

In those online course I teach you proactive health, and help you move past some common obstacles. 

You can gain ownership about your health through movements, mindset shift, meditation, and more. 

Come enjoy the foundation that will prove useful in any area of your life (from work environment, to your workouts, and overall lifestyle)

How to Deal With a Pull Muscle
$50 lifetime access

As a runner some of us will pull a muscle. This is a video explaining an evidence-based fast recovery protocol.

I run you through a 20 minutes behind the scene of my quick recovery.

You can learn how properly recover can be quickly, and well. Keep in mind, healing isn't a race, but there are some healthy evidence-based shortcuts 😉

Run on!

Power Into Posture (Self-paced)
$150 lifetime access

In this 3 months self pace course you will learn different ways to move and to think that will help you gain ownership over your chronic pain.

Through mindset shift, movement routine, breathing and some very practical exercises and games.

You want to take your time with no pressure?
That's the course for it.

"We don't all know the upper limits of feeling good, yet."

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