Don’t Shy Away From Movement, Even If You’re Experiencing Pain

So if you have some elbow pain, don’t try to just pretend to not move it ever again. That feels better, but in a long term, it will create some atrophy, some guarding mechanisms, some contraction everywhere else, and it’s not gonna be fun ride.

Gently Open And Close Your Arm

So first of all, try to just gently open and closed your arm. That will provide a little bit of lubrication in the joint and that is good. If it feels too much, then go gentler, slower, less, but don’t shy away from movement. 

Move Your Elbow In And Out

Number two is, a movement that we did in, wrist, video, but that also helps a lot for the elbow joint. For the elbow joint, we’re gonna do it a little bit differently. We’re gonna do some jiggly, jiggly doo on that movement. So you’re gonna hold your arm and you’re gonna move your elbow in and out, so you’re kind of pinning down the whole arm with this. Instead if it’ll move like that, and you will not have any traction here at the elbow joint. 

So I’m gonna bend it a little bit, not too much, not too little, a little bit, and then as I’m holding and pinning the hand upward, I’m gonna move my elbow in and out and in and out to create a little bit of resistance. Strengthening in the elbow junction. 

So it creates a little bit of that twist counter force on both side, which is very nice.

Rotate Your Elbow Externally

Another movement that is based and very close to that one is simply to hold your arm again. Or you wrist and to get into an external rotation. So here this hand will resist gently inward, and that hand, the other hand will resist gently outward.

It’s a gentle tug of war, very gentle and you get into an arm straight This time.

Look at my shoulder it’s high and, progressively, you’ll lower it. When you do that little movement, you will feel a sensation of stretch alongside the line of the elbow under in the form or above on the biceps. These very gentle movement can help and go a long way for the elbow pain.

Sometimes, just keep in mind, we are always in that situation very often in that situation, like I said in the previous video. It’s kinda like the T-rex position, rare tiny arm. Right? Bent, rotated, palm down. So our elbow joint is challenged. It’s working really hard and it needs a timeout. And that’s what pain can be signaling to you.

So when that happens, that’s why you’re doing those little movement. So if you’re a gamer, if you’re in a computer, a guy, or if you are just feeling that, so I did on a previous video, someone on a violin, if it’s that elbow, you might feel it ’cause sometimes the violin. You get into that awkward position, but any instrument for that matter where you start to fit it, it’ll be useful.

Start with a little bit of movement, then get into some jiggly doo, and then try to do an external internal rotation with resistance.

That my friend can help you feel a little better, and that’s the beginning of health. That’s when you start to take some proactive action and feel empowered, and then you gain ownership over your health.