Pulled Calf Muscle Relief

Here’s How You Can Deal With a Pulled Muscle Anywhere

One thing that is good to know is when you have vulnerability here with a pulled muscle. Sometimes when you run, you might feel some tightness, some tenderness in some of the muscle here. And this is a quick thing you can do as you run well. In your run, take a stop. You need to stop and not doing that when you run.

But right now, for example, I want to show you this muscle. You’re gonna just point it out with your fingers. You’re gonna find when the leg is relaxed and loose. You’re gonna find where the muscle feel like it’s engaged, even if you’re not trying to contract and that’s where we’re gonna work at. These are often time called trigger point.

And the way to look at it is that some of your muscle is engaged, not the whole thing, but some of it is engaged and that affects the whole muscle. So you wiggle a little bit your calf. In that example, you find the tight spot. So for me, it’s right there. I have it in between my two fingers, and I’m not squeezing very hard.

I don’t want it to be too tender. I’m not gonna do a spot movement here and press really hard till I pass out. I gotta find enough pressure and then I’m gonna move my foot around. You can hold it with your knee here. You can hold your knee with your hand and try to get that a little bit. Loose.

Contract and stop. Contract and stop.

I’m working on that. It will contract against and then I stop. I find another one a little higher right there for me. Right there, and I’m gonna, same thing contract, drop, contract, drop, contract, drop. And do a little wiggle at the end, and that’s about it. You can go on your run, and I tested that yesterday.

I was doing a 10 mile run preparing for my marathon. And on my 10 mile I felt the pooled muscle is heal now. There’s no problem with this. Even if I’m six weeks down, I can increase the length. So, I felt a little bit tender and I wanted to make sure I can take care of that so that I can stay on track with my training.

So to do that, I did, I stopped, I sat down and I massaged a little bit that muscle, and then I loaded getting to a gentle squat, got up and went back on running. So it’s a very simple way to stay on track. Sometimes you think, if I run, I have to keep running, or if I want to stay healthy, I need to sometime pause, adjust my running, maybe massage a little bit, and then get back on.

Remember working on, at least I am on longevity to make sure that when we run we can do that for a long time, so that we can keep the fun, right? I hope that helps. I want you to comment below if you have seen or heard something in it that could be useful. You can subscribe on my channel. I’m gonna post more of that, and we’re trying to work on making them look good for you too.

If you have any question on other subject, you can also ask. Remember to check on the other link for the pulled muscle, and if you ever had a situation like that or you have a recurring pulled muscle. How do you address it? How do you work on it? We’ve done a special bit on that a 20 minute video that breaks down the training for you to rehab in 15, actually 10 days was the one I did for myself.

Recovering on 10 days and then getting back on my running. Talk to you soon. Hope you enjoy this and happy running.