Remember This If You’re Experiencing Chronic Pain

Be careful where you get your information

A lot of times some of the clients I see come and tell me, Oh, I’ve tried this. And I ask them, Where do you hear that from? Who told you that? And they often time. Tell me my friend, or worst case scenario, I read it in a magazine in the New York Times. Something like that. I have nothing against the New York Times.

I think it’s a great piece, but I want you to think about the context here. When someone or some place is telling you, you should do this for your specific situation, chances are it’s not gonna cut it.

Why? Because we don’t necessarily reach specific lifestyle just by a cookie cutter article. Whenever you have something that’s going on with you, chances are it’s something that is specific to you and there’s maybe two, three, or five different things that happened and that needs to be taken in consideration.

So when you have a cookie cutter, usually it takes in consideration, just one.

I give you an example. When people come see me and I talk with them and express how important it is for them to take care of their lower back pain and the whole time I’m talking with them, they’re sitting up straight in that perfect posture and I ask them, Are you in pain right now?

And if they say yes, ask them to slouch and I ask them if they’re sit in pain. Most of the time the pain goes away, but not all the time. But that’s an example. If you read an article that good posture will help you with chronic pain. It’s not exactly true. There’s a lot of gray area in between, so you can’t really give that advice to everyone and hope that everyone will actually benefit from it.

It’s okay to slouch because it’s a state of recovery of the muscle, and I’ve done some videos on that. But here the point is more about where you getting your source of information from and it you want to pay attention. Is that person a health provider? Are they experienced with people In my specific case, do they know what’s going on with me?

Did they ask question? Did they listen? Are we clear about all the real problems that are underlying here that are coming after me so that we can address the chronic pain? We can’t just like wing it honestly. That’s one of the top five piece of advice I would like you to pay attention to. When you get information, Where is it coming from?

It’s easy to get into that shiny object.

Oh, someone told me this. I’m gonna try it and get excited and feel better for a little bit but the excitement may be the reason why you’re feeling. if it works, it works. I’m not gonna complain, but if it doesn’t work, try to get your information from a source that is more of a professional source, right?

You will not ask your toddler to fix your car. You will ask a professional, a mechanic to fix your car, or a friend who is very good with car to fix your car, right? You will not just ask your kid or you, because you know them. All right. I hope that information is useful for you.