Tibetan Bowl meditation for chronic pain

This Saturday at 5pm - $40
at Asteya Collective

client testimonials

This is a great experience. As a yoga practitioner I have some tools that are similar, but the perspective Philippe gave me about intention really changed my understanding of meditation.
When Philippe stroked the Tibetan bowl, my mind calmed down right away. I was simply following the sound. This was the only presence in my mind at that time. What a bliss.
There was a sound at one point that came slowly and made me feel like a new chapter was opening in my mind. It was such a relief from the feeling of anxiety I felt before the event.


If you are experiencing chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and/or are feeling overwhelmed, this meditation is for you.

Stress & Anxiety

Enjoy the calming, peaceful effects of Tibetan bowl meditation. Guided meditation helps reduce levels of stress and improves feelings of anxiety.

Chronic Pain

Gain ownership over your health today - this Tibetan bowl guided meditation is designed to initiate a practical change in your life in regard to physical and mental chronic pain.


This is a meaningful experience that will help you relax and reset. Take the time to unwind with this soothing sound while creating a healthy pause within your life.​

What does a session looks like?

Guided Meditation

With my experience as a pain specialist and a holistic practitioner, I help you explore the depths of meditation while keeping it accessible and simple. The guidance is aiming at creating a simple yet practical change in your life.

An Hour of Healthing

This meditation typically lasts about an hour. During this time you will be laying down on your mat, your head on your pillow, relaxing more and more. 

Tibetan Bowl Music

Tibetan bowl meditations are ancient. In today’s fast paced life, slowing down while listening to a peaceful sound is beneficial in itself. However, I to start my meditations with a guided protocol. It is to help you create a change that can be useful, here and now.

Group Session

While Tibetan bowl meditations can be done alone, we invite you to come experience its benefits by sharing a collective space with like-minded individuals. While most of the participants feel vulnerable, it is useful to realize that you aren’t alone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, please bring a mat, a pillow, and a blanket. Feeling comfortable is highly recommended here, so bring what can help you feel comfortable while laying down. Make sure you feel ok laying down for about an hour.

Yes, it’s a seven series meditation. Each one has a specific guidance (breath, boundaries, etc…) based on what our clients have benefited from the most.

Each session has guidance, and each guidance has a practical application. During the session you will be invited to meditate on how you can bring a change to your daily life. Small cage can create meaningful change, and meditation in itself is relaxing and soothing to the nervous system.

At the end of each session, as I slowly put the Tibetan Bowls away, you are invited to ask me your questions. If you see that you aren’t alone, please let the next person have a turn. You can also email me at hello@balancedbodymassage.org​ 

Life is too precious to wait - make the change you want today.


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